FX3U High Speed IO

Introduction The FX3U PLC supports up to 2 left-hand side high speed Input modules of the FX3U-4HSX-ADP type. When adding these modules there are some rules and limitations. Design Considerations The FX3U-4HSX-ADP uses the same first few inputs as the main...

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E1000 HMI Manuals

Introduction It is often a complaint that there are no manuals for E1000 HMIs, but this is not true. Design Considerations When E-Designer is installed on a PC several manuals are automatically installed. These manuals are not specifically referenced...

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Conversion of K PLC application to a Q PLC

Introduction There are not many modular K series PLCs still in operation but it is still possible to convert the K series application to a Qn PLC as detailed below. It should be pointed out that availability of the items listed may mean that conversion is...

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USB communication with FX3U from MX Sheet

Introduction The FX3U PLC can be fitted with a mini USB connection option that is typically used for PLC programming access. It is not so well known that this connection can also be used for general communications with MX Sheet. Design Constraints...

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GOT HMI Selection Tool

Introduction To find out what is needed or to specify all the components required for a GOT HMI system, Mitsubishi has provided an online selection tool as detailed below. Design Constraints The Mitsubishi Electric FA South Africa website...

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