Energy Measuring Unit EcoMonitorPlus

Feature 1

Additional units (Optional unit, Extension unit) be added to expand systems in “building block” style.

Feature 2

  • Collect energy data into a SD memory card from EcoMonitorPlus or EcoMonitorLight.
  • Logging Unit Utility can make a report from collected data in SD memory card.

Feature 3

Monitoring the trends in electric leakage, load current, and temperature allows you to perform preventive maintenance to avoid equipment failure.

These types of equipment require preventive maintenance :

Equipment that can result in significant loss if it fails.

Equipment that runs continuously or for many hours.

Equipment with cables that easily deteriorate due to moisture or oil.

Method of leakage current measurement (Io and Ior measurements)

Feature 4

Monitor the failure signs of equipment with analog input unit.

Case study of automobile manufacturer :

To monitor the failure signs of important equipment, measure “current, temperature, vibration” of motor.

Trend monitoring with the data collected by PLC and output an alarm to indicators.

Feature 5

Total energy management is realized by loading data of air, gas, water and other consumption as well as electric energy.