FX-USB-AW driver download and installation


A short summary on how to attain access to the FX-USB-AW Programming Interface installation drivers, how to install it, and some troubleshooting pointers

Downloading the drivers

First, the installation drivers are to be downloaded. These are accessed from the MyMitsubishi platform.
Prior to accessing these (and many other) resources, an account is to be created. This process is free, easy and quick.

This site can be attained HERE.

Installation and Configuration of the drivers

After inserting the FX-USB-AW interface into the PC, goto the device manager.
From there goto the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Verify the installation status of this aplicable driver.

If the drivers are not installed – then the following procedure applies;
Additionally – the following installation procedure applies;
From here – the drivers should be verified as being installed correctly.