GOT Simple

Simple but inspired

With a good performance level and advanced functions the GOT Simple HMIs provide features that will help to reduce downtime, enable fast recovery from simple errors, increase availability and boost production efficiency. More than simply displaying data, the GOT Simple series delivers genuine perspective on the automation process and provide a platform to solve typical production demands in an economically way. They are easy to use, highly reliable and provide excellent serviceability.

Logging function

Data from multiple connected industrial devices can be collected and managed by the GOT Simple. It is possible to collect these data at an arbitrary timing. Those data may give some indication about the condition of a connected device and can be helpful for status analysis and maintenance. To monitor the data on the GOT, checking is easy by scrolling the screen window or by specifying a time. The data can be displayed as a historical trend graph.

Multi-channel function

The GOT Simple operator panels enable Ethernet, RS232 and RS422 communications in multi-channel mode. Up to 2 industrial devices can be controlled with one GOT Simple. The data can be easily transferred between the devices with just simple settings in the HMI design software GT Works3 from Mitsubishi Electric.

FA transparent function

Sequence programs and parameters can easily be modified at the workspace, so there is no need to transfer data to an external programming device. Users do not have to bother with changing cable connections. The GOT Simple acts in this case as a transparent gateway to enable programming, start-up and adjustment of industrial devices from Mitsubishi Electric.

More highlights

  • Excellent performance and cost effectiveness
  • Deeply integrated into the Mitsubishi Electric factory automation solutions
  • Brilliant sharp 7″ and 10″ wide screen color TFT displays
  • Integrated SD card slot
  • Recipe function
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy screen design