GOT2000 Handy

GT25 Handy GOT

With portable handy GOT, you can operate the machine while viewing it.

GT25 Handy GOT components

Emergency stop switch

An emergency stop switch is used to stop the operation of devices in an emergency. It utilizes a “normally closed contact” for safety. An emergency stop switch guard cover (option) is also available to prevent accidental operation.

Keylock switch (2-position switch)

Operators can be restricted depending on the operation, such as switching manual/automatic operation or selecting the modes. Once the key is pulled out, others cannot operate it.

Operation switches/LED operation switches

Hard switches on the operation panel are not necessary. The switches can be used to operate and stop machines.

External connection cable

The GT25 Handy GOT and external connection cable can be easily connected/disconnected by a single operation. No tool is required.

Grip switch

The three-position (OFF-ON-OFF) type deadman switch is adopted as an interlock for preventing operation mistakes and prohibiting operation of a machine. The switch can directly control external equipment to give immediate stop commands to a machine

Hand strap

Holding the GT25 Handy GOT putting your hand under the strap on the back side prevents the device from falling. This strap ensures safety of your long time working.

SD memory card interface

In addition to the built-in memory, a large amount of data such as document display data, logging data, alarm data, and backup/restoration data can be stored by inserting an SD memory card (option).

USB interface (host)

By connecting a USB memory directly to GT25 Handy GOT, OS and project data of the GOT can be updated. It is useful for reading the data logged by the GOT and analyzing it on a personal computer.

USB interface (device)

Without opening the electrical cabinet and by only connecting a personal computer to GT25 Handy GOT, you can use the GOT as a transparent gateway to enable programming, startup, and adjustment of industrial devices*.

* The GT25 Handy GOT can be connected to programmable controllers, servos, inverters, and robots manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric

GT25 Handy GOT usage

As the operation terminal dedicated to the device

  • The operation screen can be designed as you like using HMI/GOT Screen Design Software GT Works3. Various sample screens are available and can be customized.
  • The operation switch name can be freely changed. The switches quickly become the special ones for your device.

For the area with no space to install the operation panel

  • Since the GT25 Handy GOT is removable, you can connect it only when needed.
  • The installation space for the control panel and operation panel can be saved.
  • The installation space can be minimized.

Suitable for the setup, adjustment, and changeover of the device


  • You can operate the GT25 Handy GOT standing near the device.
  • With the connector conversion box (option), you can set the device while checking it from several directions by connecting/disconnecting the cable.

As the operation terminal for various industrial devices

  • The GT25 Handy GOT can be connected to various industrial devices that you want to monitor.
  • With the connector conversion box (option), you can operate multiple devices with the GT25 Handy GOT only by connecting/disconnecting the cable.

Recommended functions of the GT25 Handy GOT

Sequence program monitor (Ladder)/sequence program monitor (iQ-R ladder)

The GOT can monitor and edit a sequence program in a controller in the ladder format, and also can change current values of devices. When an error occurs, monitor the ladder program and identify the cause of error. There is no need for a personal computer on the production floor.

System launcher/System launcher (servo network)

A graphical configuration diagram of programmable controller and servo systems indicates module statuses

Operation log

The GOT records all the operations performed by operators. Checking the recorded operation history helps you to identify and analyze the cause of the error occurred due to improper operations, leading to making improvements, preventing reoccurrence, and enhancing traceability.

Drive recorder

The GOT can be used to display the screen equivalent to the drive recorder of MR Configurator2. Easily check the servo data (motor current, position command, etc.) on the GOT without using a personal computer.

Function comparison of the GT25 Handy GOT