GOT2000 Rugged

GT25 Rugged Model

With a larger working ambient temperature range and resistance to ultraviolet rays, the GT25 rugged model can be used in harsh environments. The stylish design features a silver tone metal housing.

Features of the rugged model

Wide operating temperature range

The working ambient temperature has been expanded to -20°C to 65°C. Now compatible with harsher environments, there’s no need for heaters for low temperatures or fans or coolers for high temperatures.

High brightness, clear under daylight

The high-brightness LCD panel (1000 cd/m2*) provides a clear screen view even under strong sunlight.

UV resistant

Ultraviolet rays are cut by approximately 95% (370 nm) with a UV-cutting layer and UV-absorbing layer. Degradation of the LCD panel or touch panel caused by ultraviolet rays is reduced. Use the optional UV protection sheet to further improve resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Vibration and shock resistant

Since the structure of the front panel has been reinforced with a metal housing, the rugged model can be used in environments that are subject to vibration or shock, such as construction equipment or snow plows.

Water jet resistant

The GOT front panel complies with IP67F and IP66F, and can be washed with high pressure water. This model is perfect for use in food processing system, etc.

Compliant with standards

The range of supported countries and applications is expanding as the GOT2000 complies with various Japanese and international standards.

External appearance [front face/rear face] 

The practical choice all over the world

  • Parking systems (parking tower, coin-operated parking, multi-storied parking, multi-storied bicycle parking, etc.)
  • Power conditioner
  • EV charging stand
  • Heavy machinery (status monitor screen for power shovels, cranes, and snow plows, etc.)
  • Food processing system
  • Ships

Recommended functions for the rugged model

GOT Mobile function

Via GOT at the site, the operating status of parking lots can be monitored from multiple computers and tablets in a remote location.
Web browsers are used so that no special applications are required. Up to five information devices (clients) can simultaneously access a single GOT and each device can display different screen

Alarm function

GOT can be used to check alarms of connected devices.
By showing alarms in different colors depending on the level and showing alarm details in a window screen, you can easily identify the cause of problem occurrence.

Logging function

GOT collects the data from various devices such as programmable controllers and temperature controllers, and displays the collected data in a graph and list.
By using with the alarm function, graphs can be displayed when an alarm occurs so that it is useful for identifying the problem cause.

Document display function

GOT displays various kinds of documents such as operation manuals of an equipment.
You can view PDF files and can instantly check the information you want with bookmark display and keyword searches.

Sound output function (audio guidance)

The sound can be output from a speaker that is connected to GOT.
The audio guidance and sound effects (alarms) can be played when touch switches are touched or set conditions are satisfied.

Operator authentication function

Setting the operation authority and the viewing authority achieves “enhanced security” and allows “individual access control”.

Operation log function

GOT records the operation information, such as “what, when, and how” an operation was performed, in chronological order in an SD memory card or USB memory.

Brightness adjustment function

Brightness can be adjusted in the utility screen of GOT.
The brightness adjustment mode can be switched between standard and low brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted in 32 levels in each mode.

System configuration