GOT2000 compatible HMI software

GT SoftGOT2000 Version1

GT SoftGOT2000 Version1 Is the software that has the same monitoring functions as the GOT2000 Series and is used on personal computers and panel controllers by connecting to various industrial devices.

Monitor the production site from a remote location

Use GT SoftGOT2000 to monitor the production site from your office. You can collect information quickly when a problem occurs, taking necessary actions immediately. The GOT project file  at your production site can be reused as the GT SoftGOT2000 project file, greatly reducing your design costs.

Engage with MELSEC process control

Simplify design and maintenance of a process control system by connecting PX Developer’s monitor tools with GT SoftGOT2000. This process control monitoring system can be easily used in various process control applications.

Monitor, operate or tune the loop control tags.

Click on buttons to execute various operations such as starting GT SoftGOT2000 or switching base screens.

Turn your desktop into a graphic monitoring window with the full-screen and back-screen mode.

Interaction with other appplications

Read and write GT SoftGOT2000 internal devices using the user-created applications. Interaction with user-created applications makes it possible to build advanced systems.

Remote monitoring with SoftGOT

GT SoftGOT2000 allows remote monitoring of devices connected via Ethernet using the GOT project data. GT SoftGOT2000 and the GOT operate independently so that using a GOT internal device as the screen switching device enables GT SoftGOT2000 and the GOT to display different screens. Since GT SoftGOT2000 displays the GOT screen on the personal computer, the processing load on the GOT is reduced.

Manage multiple SoftGOT modules

By using GT SoftGOT2000 Commander,multiple GT SoftGOT2000 modules using the SoftGOT-GOT link function can be efficiently managed, and the SoftGOT-GOT link function can be utilized easily

Prevent simultaneous operations from multiple clients with authorization control

The exclusive authorization control prevents simultaneous operations from multiple clients that use GT SoftGOT2000, GOT, VNC server/GOT Mobile function in the same network. The exclusive control can be enabled/disabled for each screen.(GOT network interaction)


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