High Performance, Cost Efficient GT25 Wide Series

The GT25 Wide Series is a high performance and cost-effective graphical operator terminal with 7″ screen and WVGA resolution or 10.1″ screen and WXGA resolution, available in a stylishly narrow black or silver bezel. This high performance model has two Ethernet ports, supports a wireless option unit, and supports many of the same features and functions as the standard GT25. It is a great fit for advanced applications where high connectivity or high resolution graphics is a requirement.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Visibility– The wide-screen elegant body style presents a large amount of information with a high picture quality.

  • Flexible Connectivity– Two integrated Ethernet ports allow connection to two separate networks, and GOT Mobile enables remote access, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using a mobile device.

  • Maintenance Platform– The convenient on-demand portal allows access to detailed system information and PDF work instructions, ladder monitoring, program backup and restore function.

  • MES Connectivity– Utilize GT25 multi-communication abilities to create a powerful MES gateway system.

  • 2 USB Ports (Device and Host)– Convenient to transfer projects, access data logging, and connect mouse, keyboard, barcode or RFID reader.

  • Expanded Memory for Storage (ROM)– 32MB, for operation (RAM): 128MB


Incorporate more information on the screen, such as graph analysis over time, additional alarm information which is more descriptive, and extend your display using the advanced menu option. The main goal is to create stunning operator screens with as much information as possible to improve system operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


Separate the information system network in the office from the control system network at the production site to keep your control system safe and secure.



Built-in sound output interface makes it easy to alert the operator of alarms or to provide audio work instructions.



Webserver functionality, useful for production monitoring and operation, is available on the GT25 and GT27 Series. GOT Mobile is designed to monitor controllers using browsers on information devices such as tablets, phones and personal computers.