Inverter Plug-in option – FR-A8NC – CC-Link Communication Card Setup

This is a short condensed summary for the FR-A800 – FR-A8NC – CC-Link Communication Card.

The Maximum number of units connected to one Master Station (CC-Link Ver 2.00) is 42 Units. This is only valid when connecting are to an inverter.

The card has two connection points for two connectors. These are collectively known as one-touch connector.

As for the physical installation of the card:

Related to the connection cable and connectors – the following applies:

The cable:

The communication protocol applicable is CC-Link ver2. It must be noted that the master station, PLC for example, needs to be compatible with CC-Link ver2 as well. In the case of the Melsec Q-Series PLC – this would be the QJ61BT11N Module.

Terminating Resistor Selection switch positions:

The connectors:

For device to device interlinking:

Connector Pinouts:

Cable & Connector marriage:

VFD Parameters to be set:

The following are CC-Link Function specific Parameterization settings:

Error Identification and Troubleshooting:

In terms of errors linked to the physical installation – the following applies:

Inverter LED Status identification:

Using the Inverter LED Status, you can Identify errors for a System with Multiple VFDs connected in a network, as well as corrective actions:

Communication Errors during operation – Causes and Corrective Actions: