ME96SS Stand-alone power meter

Understand your energy consumption and power quality

ME96SS Series power meters are high accuracy meters for electrical load monitoring. They are panel mount meters with a large LCD display and native Modbus RTU or optional CC-Link communication. They can be installed on power distribution panels, motor control centers, machine panels or other custom panels. ME96SS meters provide metering and power quality information that can be used for energy cost allocation, power demand management, or troubleshooting power quality problems.

Key Features

  • Easy on-board menu configuration
  • Large LCD display with bar graphs
  • Native Modbus communication and optional CC-Link support
  • 96 x 96 mm panel mount format
  • User configurable display
  • Direct 480V WYE connectivity, use standard potential transformer for loads that have higher voltage
  • Configurable alarm notification
  • Periodic energy counters for on-peak or off-peak energy usage
  • Real-time power quality information
  • Analog and digital input/output option


One device has multifunction

ME96SS series can replace several measuring devices with one device.

Compact size

Realized downsizing for ME96SSEB-MB.

Data backup

ME96SSHB/ME96SSRB are available with built-in logging function and an optional module (ME-0000BU-SS96) which can retain data even when communication cannot be established.


ME96SS has MODBUS® RTU(RS-485) communication function as standard. Also there are available optional modules usable CC-Link communication and MODBUS® TCP communication in an Ethernet network.

Checking Input Wiring Support Function

Incorrect wiring pattern display function
Whether the voltage/current input wirings are correct or not is displayed. As for the incorrect wiring display pattern, see the instruction manual.

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