Melsec-FX PLC – Programmative Connection Options (Interfaces for connecting Melsec-FX to GX Works2)


In this post – we will be looking at hardware interfaces\cables required for the connection of Melsec-FX PLCs to the GX Works2 Engineering\Programming Software.
In short – there are two interconnection options.available – being:

  • SC-09 Cable (the complete cable) – this is the antiquated Option.
  • FX-USB-AW (USB interface) – this is the recommended option

SC-09 Cable

Here we are looking at the older method of connection first, It must be pointed out that this cable consist out of 2 parts. The first part is what is required to connect to a Melsec-A Series PLC. The second part converts this connector to a 8pin round connector for the Melsec-FX PLC range.

In addition, to this – it must also be indicated that sometimes it required to apply a serial to USB converter as well (in the case of programming computers without a serial port).

Lastly, a note: This cable CANNOT be rebuilt using cable connection pinouts – as this cable also consist out of intelligence – responsible for communication protocol converion from RS-232 to RS-485.

FX-USB-AW Interface

This interface is the recommended method for connection. Note tjat drivers are to be downloaded and installed for this device.