Melsec iQ-F FX5-4DA card: Address Register Devices


Herewith, some supplemental information on the configuration process of the FX5-4DA card with the FX5U PLC CPU.

There are two main sets of registers that can be used with these modules; namely;

  1. Buffer Memory ( inherent to hardware.
  2. Address Register Devices – which is used in conjunction to the user-defined programming

The following Buffer Memory addresses are applicable (As well as the procedure on how to reach them);

Your own user-defined D-type address register devices can be used for the analog values;

A side note:

  1. The confusion comes in where Digital values are usually considered to be discrete values, and Analog values are considered continuous. From there, these values are stored on the PLC registers – known as PLC values.
  1. However, with these devices – the Analog value is signal value (mA or Vdc) and the Digital value is PLC value (based on the PLC resolution). (And the discrete signals are termed IO).

The following video shows how the Buffer Memory registers are being reached;

The following video indicates the procedure on how to assign one’s own D-type address register devices to each channel;