MELSEC iQ-R Series

Safety CPU

The safety CPU module enables control of both generic and safety programs in the same module and is easily programmed utilizing the intuitive features of GX Works3. Compliant with internationally recognized safety standards, the safety CPU enables safety devices such as safety light curtains, emergency switches, and door switches to be connected via the CC-Link IE Field network without requiring a separate dedicated network line. The safety CPU is easily programmed using GX Works3, and utilizes its intuitive features.

Generic and safety control in one CPU

The safety CPU can be installed directly on the MELSEC iQ-R Series base rack, and is easily integrated into an existing or new control system. Safety devices are connectable using the CC-Link IE Field network with safety communication integrated into the network protocol over a widely-available industrial Ethernet topology. The safety CPU is compliant with ISO 13849-1 PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 and is certified by TÜV Rheinland®.

Common engineering platform

In GX Works3, operation and safety programs are included in the same project folder, eliminating the need to manage multiple project folders. Various useful features of GX Works3 are also available for safety programs similar to other control programs.

Faster response times and handling of larger programs

Utilizing the high-performance capabilities of the MELSEC iQ-R Series and CC-Link IE Field network, productivity is enhanced as response times are even faster. Additionally, safety control program capacity has been increased by up to three times, to 40K steps, enabling the control of more complex programs.

Safety CPU performance specifications

Safety remote I/O

Automotive manufacturing “Paint shop”

Safety systems are used in automotive manufacturing especially within the paint line where the quality control personnel are in close proximity to the curing oven exit area. Within these systems, the safety CPU and safety light curtains are used together to detect anyone entering the safety exclusion zone with a muting function enabling recognized objects such as cars, to pass through without stopping the system. Safety door interlocks are used on maintenance access doors and will bring the system to a safe stop if breached.

Safety remote I/O module performance specifications