Melsec-Q, Profinet and ME1PN1FW-Q compatibility.


The following is a short write-up of the Melsec-Q Profibus card and Q-series CPU compatibility. In addition some implementation pointers are pointed out, which includes the configuration requirements.

ME1PN1FW-Q (aka ME1PN1FW-CCPU) is a Melsec-Q series controller for Profinet Communication. (it is also a C Controller compatible CPU).(Profinet IO Controller (Master))

  • The communication protocols is Profinet
  • More information HERE
  • The following is the order details;

In terms of the installation – the following applies:

THIS manual will provide more information.

(This means that a QnU CPU will be required as a prerequisite, but is not a satisfactory condition.)

In terms of the card installation on an extension rack as well as the configuration software;

  1. One can use open slots on an extension bases for network card configuration.
  2. The software that will be used for the configuration for the Profinet card configuration is GX Configurator-PN 1.03
    1. This software will be used for the configuration of ME1PN1FW-Q
    2. This software is licenced – confirm that an license in place.

It must be pointed out that this card is based on the architecture of the Q12DCCPU-V C-Controller.

Some notes on this controller is as follows;

Q12DCCPU-V is a Melsec-Q series CPU. This specific one is a C Controller compatible CPU

  • The communication protocols is Ethernet (CC-Link IE Field, MelsecNet H)
  • More information HERE and HERE.
  • The following is the order details;

Some take-away points:

  • The only Melsec-Q card which have Profinet Master capabilities – is the ME1PN1FW-Q.
  • Basically, as hardware ME1PN1FW-Q is a C controller which has special firmware for dedicated task.
  • This card can be used in conjunction with QnUCPU Controllers;
  • In addition this card cannot be used in conjunction with the QnHCPUs.