Melservo Servo product range – current availability status (2019)


For clarity and transparancy about the Melservo amplifier product series ranges being currently available (as declared by the MEU) – the following applies;

Melservo Series

​As of current state of things: Melservo series vs status:

Melservo MR-J2 – discontinued 2005/12 (Attached)

Melservo MR-J2S/J2M – discontinued 2014/07 (Attached)

Melservo MR-J3 – discontinued 2019/01 (Attached)

Melservo MR-J4 – Still running

Melservo MR-JE – Still running

Melservo MR-J5 – only available 2020/04

So in terms of sizing and selection – Only the MR-JE and MR-J4 is available for now.

When a MR-J2\J2S\J2M\J3 has component failure (e.g. Servo motor, amplifier, cable) – then the correct migration process is to be followed to MR-J4 series. If this is the case – contact your Adroit Sales Engineering representative for the identification of the best solution.