What is Drive System Sizing Software Motorizer?

Drive System Sizing Software Motorizer is software that enables you to select the most suitable servo motors for your machine just by setting the machine configuration/specifications and the operation patterns. This software offers a wide range of selectable drive options including sensorless servo and inverters in addition to AC servo.

Load Mechanism

Select a load mechanism from 12 common types.
Flexibly set an inclination angle of the load mechanisms, such as ball screws, rack and pinions, and conveyors.

Selection Procedures

Follow the Step 1 to 3 on the left side.
For the items with Calculator icon , the input support function is available.

Setting Operation Patterns

Sizing Results

When Steps 1 to 3 are complete, the selection result displays multiple possible options.
The result list shows multiple items at once such as motor and drive models, drive capacities, and calculation results of effective load ratio and moment of inertia.

Click Display condition tab, and control the items displayed in the list by switching ON and OFF.

Tick a box, and click Result details tab to see the calculation results and restrictions, etc.

Multi-Axis System

When sizing a multi-axis system with a simple converter or a power regeneration common converter, the sizing result includes details such as the converter capacity and the model.

Specifications and Operating Environment


Operating Environment