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Differences between the white model and standard model of GT27 and GT25 are as follows.
・ The front face is white-colored.
・ The USB interface is located on the back, and the front face is flat-shaped.
・ The GOT complies with the safety standards (ATEX Directive (*1), KCs Regulation (*1), and UL Class I Division 2).
・ The number and locations of USB hosts (white model: one channel (back), standard model: two channels (front and back))
・ The location of the USB device (white model: one channel (back), standard model: one channel (front))

(*1) The ATEX Directive and KCs Regulation apply only to DC models.
The models that apply to the ATEX Directive or KCs regulation require an optional protective sheet (GT25-□□PSCC-UC) and special fittings (GT25-□□FIT-EXS).
(GT2508-VTWD requires a protective sheet only.)