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When connecting a personal computer (GX Works2) and the built-in Ethernet interface of Q03UDECPU via the USB interface of the GOT2000 series, set the connection destination in GX Works2 as follows.

1. PC side I/F Serial Setting
・ Select [USB].

2. PLC side I/F Detailed Setting of GOT
・ CPU mode: Select [QCPU (Q mode)].
・ Select [via GOT(Ethernet) transparent mode].
・ Model: Select [Ethernet Built-in CPU].
・ IP address: Enter the IP address of Q03UDE.

3. Other Station Setting
・ Select [No Specification].

Note that the connection is not established unless the following conditions are satisfied.
・ Ethernet communication between the GOT and Q03UDE is properly established.
・ The connection destination of the transparent function is set to Q03UDE (MELSEC-Q/QS, Q17nD/M/NC/DR, CRnD-700).

For the details, refer to the following.

・ GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Electric Products) For GT Works3 Version1 (SH-081197)

・ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Screen Design Manual (SH-081220)
“5.3.6 Setting target channels for the FA transparent function”