GX Developer PLC programming software supports several ways of naming a device or I/O address, but by default the software displays the device address or alias but not both at the same time.

This post explains how to display the device address, comment and alias all at the same time.

Design Considerations

When creating a PLC project in GX Developer it is possible to give devices such as I/O a name (Comment) as well as an alias.

To display the I/O address, comment and alias at the same time select Alias format Display from the View menu, and then select Arrange with device and display.

If you now select to display comments and alias from the view menu as shown below, you will see the I/O address, comment and alias on screen as per the example below.

The example below shows the I/O address “X0” as well as the comment “Start” and the alias “GO”.

Further Information
For further information please refer to the GX Developer software manuals.

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