Most objects that can be placed on screen in an E1000 HMI application provide the option to select dynamic colour changes using the colour palette colour number; however it is not always easy to find the relationship between the number and the colour. This document provides an easy method of finding out this information.

Design Considerations

In the following example we look at the dynamic colour settings of an analogue numeric object. When you place an analogue numeric object on screen, then select the Dynamics tab, and finally the background colour (as shown below), you are asked to choose a colour number. As can be seen from the text below, the user is given information about colour numbers 0 to 15 but there are up to 252 possible colour choices.

To find out what colours the numbers above 15 refer to, the easiest way of doing this is to create an E900 HMI project and put a digital fill object on screen. You can then click on the On or Off colour selection and the full colour palette is displayed. If you now hover the mouse over a colour it will show the colour number. See example below.

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the help system within E Designer or refer to the standard Windows colour palette.