To ensure that no unauthorised project transfer access is possible to an E1000 HMI, it is possible to setup a password to control the lineup and downloading of HMI projects as described below.

Design Considerations

E-Designer software and E1000 HMIs support Command Line instructions that can be used to setup many additional HMI features. With an open project in E-Designer, the Command Line can be accessed from the System Signals feature that is found under the Setup menu as shown below.

On the Command Line, enter PD followed by the chosen password. In this example the chosen password is “TRAINING”. The HMI project then needs to be transferred to the HMI for this setting to take effect.

The next time anyone attempts to transfer a project to or from the E1000 HMI, the HMI (and not E-Designer), will display a password login window with a keypad (if the HMI is touch screen), and the correct password must be entered. Failure to enter the correct password locally at the HMI will prevent any project transfer activity.

NOTE: only capital letters can be used for the password.

Further Information

For further information refer to the E-Designer help files or contact our support desk (

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