Following the earlier post, regarding the basic application of an FR-CS80 inverter drive, herewith a short summary of the parameterization of the inverter. It must be pointed out that this article only applies the basic parameterization (some generic pointers). 

The Quick setup parameterization

For a simple, quick, and easy parameterization process – the Quick setup pamphlet can be referred to, also referred to as the parameter quick setup. 

A note of caution; These parameters are the entry-level, list, and ONLY accommodates the very basic requirements of the inverter application. In this particular case, it will use the external signals for speed reference control (digital discrete) – 3 speeds. 

VFD Inverter Parameterization – Basic and Bare Essentials

The following is a basic categorization of the basic parameterization. In short, the basic parameters are parameterized by the following:

  1. Parameters read from the Motor nameplate
  2. Application Based Settings 
  3. External Control Input Settings

VFD Basic Parameterization Configuration Settings

Here we will discuss some parameterization details in a generic sense. Generic is emphasized because these apply to the entire FREQROL inverter series. This means that some of the parameterization coefficients will not apply to the FR-CS80 drive series;

Pr.0 = Torque Boost

Pr.1 = Maximum Frequency = 50Hz

Pr.2 = Minimum Frequency = 0Hz

Pr.3 = Base Frequency – Motor Nameplate Frequency

Pr.4 = Multispeed Setting (High Speed) – Use only if RH is wired.

Pr.5 = Multispeed Setting (Medium Speed) – Use only if RM is wired.

Pr.6 = Multispeed Setting (Low Speed) – Use only if RL is wired.

Pr.7 = Acceleration Time (Time to reach maximum speed)  If this value is too low – the inverter can trip on Thermal Overload.

Pr.8 = Deceleration Time (Time to reach minimum speed)  If this value is too low – the inverter can trip on Thermal Overload.

Pr.9 = Electronic Thermal O\L Relay (Rated Inverter Output Current) Motor Name Plate Current

Pr.14 = Load Pattern Selection = 0 (constant torque)

Pr.19 = Base Frequency Voltage Motor Nameplate Voltage

Pr.79 = Operation Mode Selection = 0 (the key here is to ensure that the VFD is in EXT Mode for operation.)

FR-CS80 – Reference Resources

As mentioned, this is is just a cheat-sheet. It is not intended to be a complete \\ detailed resource and is by no means an exhaustive resource for FR-CS80 drive parameterization.
For this purposes – some more-in-depth resources can be found as follows: