The FR-CS80 inverter drive is considered to be the entry VFD of the FREQROL series. This applies to cost, features\\functionality, and application complexity.
To streamline facilitate the application of this VFD – we are putting together some cheat-sheet articles for quick access and application. This is the first one of this series, being the wiring requirements.

The mains wiring

The mains wiring refers to the wiring used for the powering of the inverter. Typically, this applies to 220Vac 1ph, 3ph, and 380Vac 3ph.

The Controls Wiring 

The controls wiring refers to the wiring used for the interaction of the drive with EXT (external) signals.
These are divided into four types. First, these signals can be inputs (control) and outputs (monitoring). In addition, these can be digital discrete and analogue continuous types of signals.
The following terminations apply and are available.

FR-CS80 – Reference Resources

As mentioned, this is is just a cheat-sheet. It is not intended to be a complete \\ detailed resource and is by no means an exhaustive resource for FR-CS80 drive parameterization.
For this purposes – some more-in-depth resources can be found as follows: