A summary\\Cheat-sheet of the basics of FREQROL FR-CS80 wiring.

This by no means replaces\\covers the installation, wiring, and parameterization requirements being pointed out in the Detailed User installation Wiring, As such the official manual is to be consulted to understand the application of the drive, holistically.

FR-CS82S Terminal Connection Diagram

The different types of signals\\sources are being pointed out for easy identification. These are:

  1. Power supply main input 220Vac 1ph
  2. Power supply main input 220Vac 3ph
  3. Motor connection (From the VFD perspective)
  4. Brake unit connection (optional)
  5. Output polarity-free, potential-free contacts (Digital discrete)
  6. Digital Discrete input connections
  7. Analog Continuous input connections

FR-CS80 – Reference Resources

As mentioned, this is is just a cheat-sheet. It is not intended to be a complete \\ detailed resource and is by no means an exhaustive resource for FR-CS80 drive parameterization.
For this purposes – some more-in-depth resources can be found as follows: