A short write-up intended to provide some guidance and hints in the process of setting up a FREQROL inverter to allow for analog speed reference input.

Herewith some support files for FR-D700 Inverter – STF & STR with Potentiometer control application (for supplementary purposes);

To use terminal 2 as an analogue speed reference control for the VSD – the following applies;

In connection to the interconnection for the FR-D700 to an external analog speed reference – such as potentiometer;

Herewith some hints and guidelines:

In order to setup the parameterization – the following PU Operating Panel – mode is to be applicable;

The wiring connection will look something like this:
As such – the following parameters are applicable;

Pr.73 = 10 (for terminal 2)

Pr.267 = 2 (for terminal 4)


(this is assuming that you are using a voltage of 0-10Vdc.)

The next thing to look at is the wiring
Notice also the small switches to be set on the VSD;
Just a note on the potentiometer sizing selection:
Therefore – to conclude;

  1. For standard applications: 1kΩ ½W potentiometer
  2. For high frequency switching: 1kΩ 2W potentiometer

The third step would be the commissioning (and troubleshooting) phase.

After parameterization – the VFD can be set in EXT mode for testing and the required operation; (Note that the VFD needs to be set in EXT mode for this external control mode to be activated.)

From there drive system should be operational.

  1. Select STF\STR
  2. Control Speed via Potentiometer or external controller.


The following should be seen during the test process:

Once again – these are just guidelines and hints. The official FR-D700 application manual is to be consulted during installation.

Reference and Information Resources

​Reference details found HERE. (The Detailed instructional manual.)