A short description on how to apply a potentiometer (Analog input) to a FR-D700 inverter for speed reference purposes. 

The Parameterization initiation. 

The PU unit is to be set In PU Mode and Parameters Function. The following is the status of the indication LEDs.

External Operation Mode Pr.79

Set it as Pr.79=2 (0 is normally the initial value).

Application of correct wiring

Wiring to be applied includes safety circuit, analog continuous input, STF or STR as well as mains input.

Notice the position of the jumper. 

(note to NOT connect SD and PC to each other at all. This would a be a control circuit circuitboard. The moment these touch – damage will occur on the control board – which would require the drive to be repalced.)

Analog Input Parameterization:

As such – the following parameters are applicable;

  • Pr.73 = 10 (for terminal 2)
  • Pr.267 = 2 (for terminal 4)

(this is assuming that you are using a voltage of 0-10Vdc.)

(since you are using terminal 2 and not terminal 4 – you merely use Pr.73 instead of Pr.267).

Potentiometer Wiring Details;

The next thing to look at is the wiring – the following applies.

(Since you are using a potentiometer – you will require to set this switch in V mode).

Signal Details Switches (EXT)

Notice also the small switches to be set on the VSD;

Potentiometer sizing selection

Just a note on the potentiometer sizing selection:

Therefore – to conclude;

  1. For standard applications: 1kΩ ½W potentiometer
  2. For high frequency switching: 1kΩ 2W potentiometer

Now the testing and troubleshooting phase. 

The third step would be the commissioning (and troubleshooting) phase.

After parameterization – the VFD can be set in EXT mode for testing and the required operation; (Note that the VFD needs to be set in EXT mode for this external control mode to be activated.)

From there drive system should be operational.

  1. Select STF\STR
  2. Control Speed via Potentiometer or external controller.

What to expect during the testing Process…


Once again – these are just guidelines and hints. The official FR-D700 application manual is to be consulted during installation.