Intended as a short guideline on how to get started with the connection and parameterization of the FR-D740 VFD inverter. 

The Power wiring connections

By power wiring connections – we refer to the VFD’s interconnection between the mains supply and the motor.

The Control Wiring Connections

By control wiring, we refer to the control and monitoring of the inverter drive by\through external signals (in EXT mode). These can be analog continuous or digital discrete, inputs or outputs. 

Another important factor to consider is the control logic – which can be changed between Sink and Source options. This selection takes place via a jumper. 

Make use of this configuration:

  • SINK: If you want to switch 24Vdc (Use PC terminal as common)
  • SOURCE: If  you want to switch 0Vdc (Use SD terminal as common)

Note: never short the PC and SD terminals. This will cause permanent damage to your inverter’s control circuit. 


PU Operating Panel for Parameterization

The following  are the functions of the PU components:


PU Operation Panel – Navigation

A short description of the navigation of the PU Operating Panel 


Parameterization via PU Operation Panel – an Example

An example of how to change the maximum frequency parameterization (Pr.1).


Reference and Information Resources

The following is an applicable set of information Resources: