Here we will provide a short description of the requirements for the parameterization of the FREQROL inverter via the FR-Configurator Engineering Software.

This software has two components, being the configuration setup (parameterization) and the monitoring component, typically used for troubleshooting or faultfinding as well as for diagnostics purposes.

It must be pointed that, as another subcomponent of the configuration aspect of the software, is the autotuning functionality, which is used for pairing and optimization of the parameterization of the VFD for connection to a particular motor, increasing the efficiency.

FR Configurator is one method for configuration, the other being parameterization via the PU Operating Panel.

It must also be pointed out that FR-Configurator is free-ly available and downloadable from the My Mitsubishi FA EMEA CP (Common Platform). There are two main versions for download. FR-Configurator i is specifically utilized for legacy products (before the 700 series). FR-Configurator 2 is used for the current active product series (700 and 800 range).

Sometimes the user may require to download both of these, which can be attained in a single package – known as FR-Configurator-M. In addition, note also that FR-Configurator1 comes in 3 consecutive versions, labelled SW1 (version 1.1), SW2 (version 1.2) and SW3 (version 1.3) (latest version of FR-Configurator 1).

Getting Started – Downloading of the FR-Configurator 2 software

As mentioned, the configuration software is free – and can be downloaded from the following site.
(note that an account is required to be logged in. If you don’t have an account – you can register. it is free, quick, easy, and straightforward.

SC-FRPC (SCFRPC) – Communication Interface Cable

For the newer and top range drives (typically 800 series in the FR-A and FR-F ranges) – a Micro-USB connection cable can be used for the interconnection between the FR-Configurator 2 Software and the VFD.

For the older and lower range drives (typically 500 series and FR-CS80 and FR-E ranges) – a serial communication cable will be required, SC-FRPC (known as the Green Mamba). This cable can be purchased from the official Mitsubishi FA supplier (Adroit Technologies).

Note also that this interface cable uses serial RS-232 communication standards on the PC side – so you might need to attain a USB to serial converter.

The cable is required: SC-FRPC (SCFRPC) (Green inverter communication cable – also known as the green mamba)

Mitsubishi SC-FR-PC Programming Cable RS485/422 to RS-232. 

This is an important point, pointing out the cable does not only consist out of pinout conversion but also protocol standard conversions, thus, the cable cannot be custom assembled by the user. This cable is to be purchased

The conversion of communication protocols and interfaces will look like something like this;