Mitsubishi has released specialized solar compatible VFD inverter drives, specifically designed for solar pumping applications. The following is a short article intended to provide some information and clarity.

Solar Inverter Features

The following is a summary of the features that is available with the FREQROL Solar Pump VFD inverter drives series.

Basic Principle of Operation

The inverter output power is controlled in relation to the available solar radiation energy.

Solar radiation energy determines the DC Bus voltage. DC Bus voltage will determine the Inverter Output Power.

These inverters control the output power by controlling the output frequency.

Maximum Power Point Tracking

The MPPT algorithm is used to achieve the maximum power output per available irradiation and temperature.

Application Architecture

To attain an idea of where the VFD would fit in a remote solar pumping application, the following architecture diagram is applicable;

This architecture has been proven to be practical and actual applications on farms.

Connection Diagram

The solar panel system output is connected to the P/+ and N/- terminal connectors of the inverter.

If R/L1, S/L2, and T/L3 (AC Input), then the Vac should be less than 440Vac in the situation that instantaneous power failure occurs.

DO NOT input the solar panel power supply and Vac power supply to the inverter at the same time

Protection Functionality

These inverters are equipped with all the necessary protection functionalities, features, and capabilities.

Flow rate Monitoring

These inverters are equipped with the required functionality to ensure flow rate monitoring.

Drive Performance Monitoring

As with all the FREQROL VFD drive inverter series’ – these solar pumping inverters are interfacing compatible with FR-Configurator for parameterization and monitoring purposes.

Other Functions

Some additional functions – are available with these VFD inverter drives.

200V Inverter for Solar Pumping

200V inverters can also be used for solar pumping via these inverted drives.