Trend, Alarm, Recipe and HTML files can be up and down loaded from an E1000 HMI by making use the FTP (file transfer protocol) support built in to the HMI. This can be carried out as a manual or automated process using software within a PC environment.

Design Constraints

Support for FTP file transferring must be enabled and downloaded to the HMI as follows:

From within E Designer HMI software, select Network from the Setup menu and then select Services. Once in this menu, tick the FTP server and download the project to the HMI.

To access any files on the HMI for up and download, you can now browse the HMI with any PC based FTP software application.

The following example shows the use of Windows Internet Explorer but other applications such as Windows Commander provide many more features and benefits that make it easier to use and possibly give facilities automating the process.

Enter the HMI Ethernet FTP IP address as show and the directory structure of the HMI is displayed. Example FTP://

Double clicking on the trend directory for example, will show all the trend files stored on the HMI. To transfer a trend file from the HMI to a PC, right click on the required file and select copy to file as shown.


Windows Internet Explorer can sometimes cache files so it is a good idea to refresh the file data by using the F5 key before files are copied, to ensure that the data is current.

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the Help files within E Designer HMI programming software.

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