The FX3U-ENET module uses FX-Configurator-EN to setup all Ethernet settings including IP address. If however you do not have FX-Configurator-EN it is still possible to find out the IP address as shown below.

Design Considerations

An FX3U-ENET Ethernet module stores the IP address in buffer memory zero and one. The easiest method of viewing buffer memory is to use buffer memory batch monitor which can be found in GX Developer and GX IEC Developer (GX – under Online menu then Monitor; and GX IEC – under Debug menu).

When you monitor buffer memory one and zero the data shall appear as follows:

The buffer memory example above is the binary code for

Buffer memory one has the first half of the IP address:

Buffer memory zero has the lower half of the IP address:

Further Information

For further information refer to the appropriate drives manual or contact our support desk (

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