The FX3U PLC supports up to 2 left-hand side high speed Input modules of the FX3U-4HSX-ADP type. When adding these modules there are some rules and limitations.

Design Considerations

The FX3U-4HSX-ADP uses the same first few inputs as the main FX3U PLC, thus rendering them useless.

The clip froom the manual below shows that the first ADP uses X0 and X2 plus X6 and the second ADP will use X3 to X5 plus X7.

It is therefore recommended that X0 and X7 are not used if any FX3U-4HSX.ADP is fitted to a FX3U because the on-board inputs will not work at the same time as the ADP inputs.

Further Information

For further information refer to the FX3U-4HSX-ADP installation manual or contact our support desk (

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