The GOT HMI products support advanced alarm features including an advanced user alarm display object that can be placed on any GOT screen. This provides a display of alarm data but there is often a demand to reorganise the list of alarms by certain criteria such as date/time, group, level, etc. This document explains how this can be achieved by placing a value in a data register.

Design Constraints

The Advance User Alarm Display object can be found under the Advanced Alarm Display item in the Object menu within the GT Designer GOT software. Once placed on screen, the Advance User Alarm Display object can be opened by double clicking on it.

This produces the configuration screen as shown below. If the Extended function is ticked (as shown), and the Extended tab is selected, you can then select the Priority Level Attribute and specify a data register.

Values set in the data register specified above can then be used to sort the alarm data by the following 12 categories:

Further Information

For further information, see the GOT screen design manual.

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