There are many useful editing features in GX IEC Developer that are often not known..

GX IEC Developer has several ease-of-use features that are often overlooked or not known by users of the software. This document aims to highlight some of these features.

Design Constraints

GX IEC Developer uses many of the normal Windows operating system selection and editing shortcuts as follows:


One quick way of creating a new line of ladder code that can then be modified, is to use copy/paste. Select the line as shown and then hold down CTRL key followed by the C key, and then CTRL and the V key. This then produces an identical line of code as shown. It can also be used in many other places within the software.

NOTE: click and drag to select followed by copy/paste also works.

Selecting multiple objects in a range

To select multiple objects in a range, click on the first object, then hold down the SHIFT key and select the last object in the chosen range.

Inserting a new line (line feed) to comments

In the example below, to get the new line (line feed) after the word “example” hold down the CTRL key and press the return key.

Adding several variables to blocks

To be able to place several variables onto a block without the need to keep reselecting the VAR icon, hold down the CTRL key while each VAR is placed as shown. Let go of the CTRL key when placing the last VAR.

Click at these points while holding the CTRL key, having first selected the VAR from the menu.

Drawing lines in Auto-Connect mode

There are 2 methods of drawing lines in a ladder POU (auto connect ON and auto connect OFF). With auto connect ON (shown in the software as 2 small black squares above and below the pencil symbol), line drawing is between 2 points. Click and release (no need to hold the mouse down), to select the start point and then move the mouse (notice that the route of the line is indicated with a dotted line as the mouse is moved). As an object is approached, a small black square will appear. Click on the small black square to select the end of the line. The example below shows a line in the process of being drawn with the small black squares.

Further Information

For further information, see the GX IEC Developer help files and associated documentation.

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