It is inevitable when changing from a last generation product to a current generation product that some things may have changed. What this document offers is information on where to find conversion help.

Design Considerations

The FR-E700 instruction manual contains Appendix 1 entitled “For customers who have replaced the conventional model with this inverter”. it is two pages long and lists the following:

  • Statement of mounting compatibility
  • Communication adapter part names for both inverters
  • Compatible PU panels
  • Changed parameters for parameter differences


The appendix states that on an E500 inverter the motor is started in reverse by pressing the reverse button. It then states to run the motor in reverse using an E700 which is done by changing parameter 40 to a value of 1 and then pressing the RUN button.

Further Information

For further information, please read Appendix 1 of the FR-E700 instruction manual or contact our support desk (

You can download this Tip in PDF format here.

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