A short discussion on how to interconnect a Melsec FX PLC to a PC with GX Works 2 PLC Engineering Software for programmative purposes.

Some Considerations to take into account:

  1. This interconnection is achieved via the FX-USB-AW interface. There is another older version to connect as well, known as the red SC-09 cable.
  2. When using the FX-USB-AW cable, a USB connection is to be used. When using an SC-09 cable, an additional interface cable is required.
  3. The SC-09 cable is to be connected to the USB to serial converter (RS-232).
  4. The drivers of the USB to serial converter needs to be installed correctly and must be reflected as such in Device Manager. (This can be a 3rd party interface device as well.)
  5. The settings in RS-232 communication settings, such as addressing and baud rate needs to be set up correctly in Device Manager.
  6. Only now can the PLC program be opened and the connection settings being setup.
  7. The Serial communication settings (in GX Developer and GX Works2) needs to reflect that of the device manager (port number, baud rate, etc)
  8. After the connection settings being set up and confirmed, then you can connect to the PLC and read\write
  9. The download is TO the PLC (Write). Upload is TO the PC (Read).
  10. After you wrote your program to the PLC – restart the PLC (reset).
    1. This is done via the switch.
  11. After the PLC is reset and started again (switch) – only two green LEDs are to be displayed, being the POWER and RUN.
    1. Any additional red indication lights (Such as error or battery) are problems to be attended to

Interconnection between the Melsec-FX PLC and GX Works2 (GX Developer) via SC-09

The following video demonstration of interconnection to an FX PLC via GX Works2 via SC-09 Interface.