Built-In Analog Input Specifications – required to know for getting started and signal utilization.

Some key basic points is required to be known prior to the successful utilization for Analog signal (continuous, real-time) inputs. In this specific article we are looking at the two built-in AI IO facilities.

The First key point is that these inputs are designed for a 0-10Vdc signal spectrum range only. Signal spectrums outside of this range or type (mA) required to be converted first – via an external signal converter.

Secondly, the Analog digital resolution PLC range is from 0 to 4000. (also known as the digital resolution). The digital resolution represents the physical analog input signal in a linear fashion, and thus is linearly scalable in order to attain the desired instantaneous engineering value.

And third, is the device register address allocation – for user access to the digital resolution. -which is further utilized in the PLC program (such as for scaling and alarming).