A short discussion on how to utilize teh FX3U-4AD-ADP Analog input card with Melsec-FX CPUs.

The System

The following is a breakdown of the System applicable;

PLC CPU version compatility

The PLC CPU versions for compatibility of analog inputt card applicable is given as follows;

Performance Specifications

The following analog signal and digital output performance specifications are applicable with this card:

Card Terminal Connections

Each of the 4 analog input channels for card connection – is given as follows:

Powering of the analog input adaptor:

This analog input adaptor can be powered via the PLC CPU or via external PSU source:

Analog Input Signal wiring

The following analog input signal wiring configurations is applicable for both Vdc and mA:

Special Auxilliary Relays and Special Data Registers

The Special Relays and Special registers applicable for this adaptor is given as follows:

List of Special Devices:

The following is a complete list of special devices for this card:

Input Mode of Switching

The input modes of this card, the selection between Vdc and mA, is being controlled as per following information:

Sample Programs

The following an example of an uncompiled sample program:

The following an example of an compiled sample program:

The following is a video for the testing proceess of this analog card:

The compiled sample program can be downloaded here: