A short discussion on how to interconnect a Melsec-FX PLC to GX Developer (PC, Laptop).

It must be pointed out that the SC-09 red cable has been discontinued, and that it has been replaced with an FX-USB-AW Interface cable. This interface is simple (doesn’t require USB to RS-232 Serial conversion), and it is also simpler to use (requires interface drivers only), and it is cheaper than SC-09.

    • Note that you are not using an FX-USB-AW interface cable, but an SC-09. As such, the device manager part at the beginning of the video does not apply to you.


    • What does apply to you is the interconnection to the PLC from the GX Developer side, showing you how to read and write.

Melsec-FX PLC Connecting to GX Developer – video

The following video will demonstrate how to interconnect the Melsec-FX PLC to GX Developer.