A short discussion on the Configuration process for a Melsec iQ-R Safety Controller to Safety RIO interconnection via CC-Link IE Field Network, with the purpose to provide some direction and guidance. 

This entire setup is to be engaged holistically, and not modularly. (this means that troubleshooting and fault-finding is an inevitable requirement for new users). 

A key component for this type of application would be the: RJ72GF15-T2 (MELSEC iQ-R CC-Link IE Field Network
Remote Head Module)

There are some guidelines available however. The following applies:

For setting up and configuring the MELSEC iQ-R CC-Link IE Field Network Remote Head Module (RJ72GF15-T2) – the following manual is helpful. (Startup-Guide). 
Some sections to give special intention for practical application purposes – are:

                Chapter 4 – Shows you how to configure the card and creating a project (p.25)

                Chapter 5 – Shows you how to setup the System configuration (p.29)

                Chapter 7 – Provides some communication examples (p.33)

                                                Master station setup (p.36)

                                                Intelligent Device Station setup (p.39)

                                                Program examples (p.42)

In addition there is the CC-Link IE Field Network Remote Head Module (RJ72GF15-T2) application guide here.

                p.18 points out information on the data flow

                p.19 points out information on the IO assignment

                p.21 indicates the configuration of the RIO device stations

                Then another important factor is the Register and Relay areas. These are found in the Appendices, p.134.

And the most important part – troubleshooting. This is found at Chapter 4, p.87.

Once again – it must be pointed out that;
A holistic approach to the above two manuals is prerequisite for efficient implementation.