The following is a short description – indicating the cause and potential solutions for the Melservo AL.E9 Error. 


In connection to the MR-J2S Servo Problem – error 9 – the following is applicable;

Melservo Interconnections required

This means that no power is perceived on the L1, L2 and L3 (For 3ph) or L1. L2 (for 1ph). Note the connections on L11 and L21 as well.

To confirm the presence of suitable power, please measure the power (voltage) at these points.

Potential Causes

If the main circuit power is ON, and this error still appears, then the MR-J2S Servo drive – then the drive is damaged and needs to be replaced.

In short – the AL.E9 has two possible causes:

  1. First powering 24V of the signal (like SON..) and then 230Vac Power supply.

Solution: Be sure you first power the 230Vac Power supply and then 24V.

2. If  #1 does not address the error – then the Servo amplifier is faulty\damaged.

Solution: Replace the Melservo amplifier (migration towards MR-J4).