Here we will provide the only options available for the replacement of an MR-J2s Melservo amplifier.

Melservo MR-J2s amplifier is discontinued

The following is a breakdown of the System applicable;

  1. The MR-J2S is antiquated. It is not supplied, supported, repaired anymore. A quotation for the MR-J4 s required to replace the legacy amplifier.
  2. The program is to be uploaded, converted, and downloaded to the new servo amplifier. (For this MR-Configurator2 software will be needed.)
  3. We can recommend a replacement model for this unit, which is an MR-J4 series device. (transition migration is required and this does affect the parameters)
  4. In the case of the B-model – CNET is a communication protocol being used.
    1. MR-J2S used SCCNET I
    2. MR-J4 uses SSCNET III/h

These communication protocol versions are not inter-compatible, and thus a SSCNET Conversion module model will be required, in addition.

MR-J2S Renewal Tool Catalog

From the MR-J2S Renewal Tool Catalog, for an MR-J2 -B Melservo amplifier  – we see that we only need to replace the amplifier (primary replacement option).

                For this, there will be Renewal kits required along with the Servo amplifier.

MR-J2s-200B replacement option example 

For an MR-J2S-200b – the following migration hardware and software will be required;

Therefore the full set for replacement will be:

  1. MR-J4-200B-RJ020 (amplifier)
  2. MR-J4-T20 (SSCNET conversion module model)
  3. SC-J2SBJ4KT3K (Renewal Kit Model)
  4. MR-Configurator 2 (Engineering software)