Here we will have a short discussion about the Mitsubishi Alpha 2 Microcontroller \ intelligent relay, and how to connect to it, and how to program it.

note: We normally do not recommend this device due to its limitations. We recommend a FX5UJ PLC – as it can do everything a Alpha2 can do, and more, at similar costs.

Alpha 2 Engineering Software – AL-PCS/WIN-EU 

The programming software for the Alpha 2 – can be downloaded HERE.

The programming software is:    AL-PCS/WIN-EU (downloadable)

Regarding the installation:  The following is applicable; Alpha2 Programming Software used;      AL-PCS/WIN-E

Alpha 2 Programming Software – OS compatibility

Alpha2 – AL-PCS/WIN-E Compatibility

Installation procedure:

This is the latest version that is currently on the Mitsubishi Common Platform;

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Programming Cable  – AL-232CAB

AL-232CAB– for the PLC. This is the communication cable – Used to connect an Alpha module to a PC or modem during loading or downloading a program or information. RS232C Communication

Ordering details

This is a commercial cable. Available on order.

If you don’t want to order it – and wishing to try and compile one yourself – then the following pinouts are applicable

Additional references and Resources

Including the manual as well as the software can be attained HERE.

Some resources: AL-232CAB RS-232C CABLE Hardware manual

Mitsubishi Alpha2 connection guide