This document aims to answer the question about how to update a servo system from the old MR-J2S amplifiers to the new MR-J3 amplifiers, and specifically what to do with the parameter settings.

Design Considerations

This conversion only applies to the new MR-J3 servo system. Launch the MR Configurator software and select an MR-J3A project. From the Parameters menu select the Converter option.

In this window, the parameter file for the MR-J2S-A is converted into the parameter for format MR-J3-A. Since not all parameters can be converted, unconverted parameters are set and confirmed in parameter setting.

Press the Browse Source button to specify the conversion source file (a parameter file for the J2S-A). Press the Specify Save button to specify the destination file (a parameter file for the J3-A). Conversion begins by pressing the Start Conversion button.

All converted values are shown in yellow and all unconverted parameters are shown in grey.

Conversion Rules:

Rule 1:- parameter 50 and the following parameters of the J2S-A are not converted
Rule 2:- parameter write disabled PA19 is fixed at 000C
Rule 3:- values are converted according to the correspondence table shown below
Example: The position of the first digit of Pr00 of the PA02-3 shown below is converted to the position of the third digit of PA02 from top.
Example: The position of the fourth digit of Pr02 of the PA09 from top shown below is converted to all digits (decimal) of the PA09.

Rule 4:- values are also converted according to the following conversion rules in addition to rules shown above.

Further Information

For further information please refer the appropriate MR-J2S and MR-J3 manuals and the MR Configurator software help.

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