As is known by now, the MR-J2s and MR-J3 Meleservo series are being phased out very quickly and being replaced with MR-J4 (and MR-J5) Melservo series

For this purpose – migration renewal tools are available. (More detail on another post). 

Provision hase been made for progressive and systematic upgrade options (instead of replacing the entire system at once). Some rules to follow is as follows:
1. A Servo motor upgrade cannot be implemented – without the upgrade of the Servo amplifier. However, the converse is not true;
2. A Servo amplifier can be upgraded without upgrading the motor, (this is known as a Primary replacement plan).

This means the an old motor can work with a new amplifier, but a new amplifier cannot work with an old motor. 

3. A Package replacement means that the motor and the amplifier is being replaced. 

Below a demonstration on this:


We see that on the far left – the old Servo amplifier and motor is being portrayed. In the center we see the primary replacement option – and on the right we see the secondary and package repalcement options. 

Notice that the primary replacement option indciated the amplifier replacement as well as the replacement renewal kit. The renewal kits are required for interconnection integration to be accomodated.

The secondary and package replacement options includes the new motors and another set cablles for power, encoder and brake. 

As for the connections applicable for interfacing  – herewith an example of how the Primary Replacement Package will be implemented:

For a secondary and package replacement model – herewith an implementation example of the interfacing connections required:

The following are some important links that can be used for the migration upgrade purpose: