In some systems it can be a requirement to be able to program any and all PLCs from a single connection point when the PLCs are connected together on a network. To this end a typical system may consist of a Q-Series modular PLC as a CC-Link network master, with FX3U PLCs as slaves. In this configuration it is possible to gain programming access to the FX3U PLC over CC-Link when connected to the Q PLC master as detailed below.

Design Considerations

As stated above, it is possible to gain programming access to an FX3U PLC over a CC-Link network when physically connected to a Q-Series PLC as shown below. The connection to the Q PLC can be via either Serial or USB.

With either a GX Developer or GX IEC Developer project open, the following transfer setup configuration as shown below, is required:


  1. The “head I/O” number is the address of the CC-Link master module in the Q PLC rack.
  2. The “station number” is the station number of the FX3U PLC on the CC-Link network.
  3. This only works with FX3U and no other FX PLC product.

Further Information

For further information see the Connection channel list shown above in the transfer setup feature of GX and GX IEC Developer and help files, or contact our support desk (

You can download this Tip in PDF format here.

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