Introduction Overview

A short overview introduction of the ST Programming language and its Editor in GX Works 3.


The ST (Structured Text) Programming language is one of the official IEC standard languages which Mitsubishi utilizes for program realization.

It is a logic description that utilizes text commands with a similar grammatical syntax and structure to C.

The dedicated toolbar is available for programming efficiency by speeding up the program coding and debugging processes.

Variable declaration;

Text Strings being input into the editor, is not automatically being declared as new labels.

For this purpose the F2 function key is being used to display the new label declaration window.


The Syntax Template

It is not uncommon for a user to require more information and clarity on the syntax of a specified ST programming command (ST command).

For this purpose, the syntax button can be used to display the general structure.

Inter-Argument Navigation

Special buttons can be used for inter-argument navigation.

Simplified debugging process via Comment Out Function;

Inherent to a C type of programming language, troubleshooting can be accommodated by the commenting out of selected programming lines or commands to inspect the PLC response, in a staggered troubleshooting approach.

This method basically involves the conversion of a programming part in to a comment. (Note that that the commands remaining should still be making sense to the PLC for this method to work.)

Simply select the target code and use the comment buttons.



The Compiler…

The iQ-F compiler includes various syntax commands including [IF], [THEN], [ELSE], etc.

These improves program flow efficiency  by eliminating the tedious and excessive use of pointers in the ST Program applicable.

Whilst the compiled machine code being utilized in the PLC will remain the same – the User PLC programmability experience would be speed up

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