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Generally, the 60, N6, and EC post-fix are of minimal effect, and interchangeability is possible if need be.

It has to do with compliance certification, CB coating, and conductor plating – but not with functionality and capacity)

For instance: (i.e.)

  • Blank is standard (plain)
  • EC is a European manufactured
  • CH is a Chinese manufactured
  • IN is an Indian manufactured
  • 60 is circuit board coated
  • 06 is circuit board coated and plated conductors
  • N6 is circuit board coated and plated UL certification
  • U6 is circuit board coated  and plated and has an additional CN8 connector
  • SC has an optional safety circuit

But functionality and capacity, for the most part, remain as is. (Most functionality can be adjusted per jumper, switch, or parameter.