Sometimes it is required to extract Alarm activation based information from an Adroit Lite package. Let’s suppose that this Adroit Lite package is installed on an IPC bundle for this purpose.

It must be pointed out that the Adroit Lite term actually refers to the Adroit HMI Mode installation.
There are limitations to this installation – and the following applies:

Adroit HMI Mode 

Restrictions and Limitations:

Implementation Options

Now, referring to the above set of limitations – in light of the objective to extract alarm based information – the following options apply:

Option 1: (Recommended Option) – you install AMA (Adroit Alarm Management) (commercial licensed) – to manage alarm events
Install SQL Software (SQL Express is a good option) (it’s free) – to store the alarm events
Install ARS (Adroit Reporting Suite) (its free) (prerequisite is AMA) – to extract reports om MS Excel
Onto the IPC – provided the IPC has sufficient resources. (confirm this. If you are not sure – send me the specs and I will check)
Note: Alarm Management has also free-of-charge historical mode, which does not require additional licensing

Option 2: Use the EventOutput Agent. Entries are output to a .csv file
Its included in the Adroit package – and it’s free. However, it is relatively primitive and limited.
Note: EventOutput also has the option to log to OLEDB-based data-sources and serial ports for printers etc.

Option 3: DBAccess agent is also available in HMI Mode. It can store anything to any OLEDB (or even ODBC- so also CSV files) database. The following steps apply:
Simply create Notify agent, add it to the Alarm route and then log Notify agent’s .rawValue slot to DBAccess agent.
This way every time alarm occurs full message will be logged as a single string.

Option 4: Windows Eventlog has the possibility to export data. simply filter Application log to only Adroit source and export such data in a convenient format.

Option 5: Scripting agent – alarm agent AlarmList slot is a Dataset with the alarm List table in it. It is possible to extract it in any programming language. (this is not technically supported and is dependent on the user’s knowledge on the scripting language)