Adroit SCADA to FX5 PLC connection


The PLC needs to be configured so that it would be able to communicate to Adroit. The right IP address needs to be filled in as well the subnet mask needs to be correct according to your network settings.

External Device Configuration

After configuring your IP address settings you open the external device configuration settings. When you see these settings on your module list you need to add a SLMP (this is going to be the device representing your SCADA).Ensure that your IP address and port number is correct.

Adroit Configuration Setup 

The next step is going to be to configure the settings on Adroit. You can start by opening the configuration settings and browsing to the drivers tab. Select the driver “Mitsubishi Q,QnA,L,R and iQF Series Ethernet Driver” and install if you have not done so. You are required to add your PLC as a device on Adroit as well. Navigate to the device agents and add a device for the PLC you are using. The following settings need to be correct otherwise there will be no communication.

Adroit SCADA to FX5 PLC connection

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